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Catching Flies

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The poplar expression "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" is an accurate description of how our British-born Woman to Watch has found success and sanity in the U.S.

To know Carline Paxman is to know that success does not negate kindness. With a charming British accent and dainty feminine exterior, you might wrongly presume that the dog-eat-dog business world would eat her alive. It has not. As a Senior Vice President for PreVisor (, Caroline is one of two top female executive in her organization. She achieves success by combining intelligence, hard work, business savvy, and most importantly, a commitment to being the kind of person that clients want to work with.

Caroline’s sanity comes from her ability to compartmentalize work and family. When I see Carline at a school function (which I often do because our children attend the same school), I see Caroline the mom. She is totally focused on her children and talks with genuine enthusiasm about what’s going on in their lives. She does not talk about work or pressing client deadlines. She does not try to watch her children and her Blackberry at the same time. She’s committed to giving 110% to whatever she is doing at the moment.

If being fully engaged and focused on what you are doing in the moment requires discipline, then Caroline is the Queen of Discipline. She’s a wonderful role model for any of us who have a hard time disconnecting from work long enough to give our complete attention to the important people in our lives. Thanks for the reminder that being a successful professional woman is not about being engaged with work 24/7.