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What's in a Name?

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Have you ever been responsible for naming a pet, a child, a company? If you have, then you know how overwhelming the process can be. A name is important. It is lasting. I was both excited and overwhelmed with the responsibility of picking the perfect name for my company back in 2005.

I knew that the company was going to focus on women's leadership, and I wanted a strong and creative name that spoke to professional women without being too girly.

My initial attempts at a name played with the idea of using an "XX" to represent the double X chromosome that differentiates women from men. I thought of names like "Exxtreme Leadership" and "Exxceptional Coaching" until my male colleagues politely pointed out that any name using "XX" in a search field was just one X away from unwelcome on-line trouble. Red-faced, I returned to the drawing board.

The name Leadhership1 came to me one day and I knew immediately it was the right name for my company. It had all the components I was looking for in a name – strong, descriptive, memorable, and unique. It clearly and creatively articulated the company’s mission.

Yes, spell-check hates the "h" in Leadhership1 almost as much as the airlines' reservation system hates the hyphen in my last name. That's OK. I've spent the last 16 years spelling "Davis-Ali" for people and now if I get the chance to spell "Leadhership1" for the next 16+ years, I'll feel like one very lucky girl. Let me know what you think of the name.