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Confidentiality Agreement

This confidentiality agreement is entered into between Leadhership1®, LLC ("Leadhership1") and the individual participants of the Leadhership1 online coaching program, referred to in this agreement as "members."

Leadhership1 agrees to keep all personal information about members confidential. Such information may be obtained via e-mail, phone consultation, through online quizzes and assessments, in-person meetings, or as part of the members' responses to the Questions to Consider included at the end of each coaching session.

The only people who have access to this information are Dr. Davis-Ali, President of Leadhership1, and Leadhership1's web administrators, who have also signed this confidentiality agreement. Under no circumstance (other than pursuant to subpoena or court order) will Leadhership1 release a member's personal information. In the event Leadhership1 is subpoenaed or ordered by a court to produce a member's personal information, Leadhership1 will make a reasonable attempt to alert the member promptly of the subpoena or court order, and if possible, before production of the member's personal information.

In the unlikely event that a member makes reference to harming herself or others as part of the online coaching program, Leadhership1 is legally obligated and will report that information to the proper authorities.

Aggregate data will be used for the purposes of evaluating and marketing the Leadhership1 program. This information may include aggregate responses to the evaluation presented at the end of each module, or other aggregate information pertaining to the program. However, no names, specific company data, or identifying information will ever be used as part of aggregate data. Names, e-mail addresses, and other personal information will not be sold or given to a third party.

In the event that Leadhership1 wishes to share a particular member's experiences with other members for illustrative purposes, Leadhership1 will first obtain the member's written permission before disclosing the information.

Members agree not to reproduce, disclose, or alter any portion of the proprietary coaching materials contained in this program without explicit written permission of Leadhership1.